As the existing technology ages over time, Midas Technology International provides an updated range of services ensuring the secure collection, refurbishment, configuration and redeployment of kit back to customer websites. If required, we can manage the complete cycle of redeployment and refurbishment which can save up to 90% of technology capital expenditure with refresh average cost of 5-10% of the new machine. Our IT refurbishment service equipped with experience, thorough knowledge of specifications and advanced tools to commit our customer’s for high-quality facilities and refurbishment service. We aim to maximize the lifespan of equipment and it’s every component of our preventative maintenance, reducing subsequent support calls and associated costs and resource while maximizing IT estate utilization.

A professionally refurbished IT hardware also holds the same features and offer a quality performance to that level that a new one has to offer. A rehabilitated IT product comes at a lower cost and also helps in reducing the environmental consumption. Refurbished IT equipment requires intensive labour work but they yield some good profits. The company also provides an assurance of Environmental sustainability that is highly appreciable from nature’s perspective.  The company believes in-

Reuse Reduce Recycle.


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